Thursday, October 6, 2011


We all got Seven Peaks passes, which gave us free
access to Trafalga! We had so much fun going with
the Fam! The boys loved the Go-Carts and Laser Tag.

 We convinced the boys to do the little floating boats.
As you can see Steve is not happy with the results.
It's hard to tell from the pic., but they are absolutely
soaked! hahaha

We are going to miss going to Trafalga with the family!

Moving On...

Yes, as usual it has been a very long time since I
have updated! But, as usual life is insanely busy.
Mitch and I got this crazy idea to move to Grand
Junction, Colorado. We sold our house in Salt Lake
City and we are in the process of buying a house in
Grand Junction.

Old House

New House

We are very excited for this new adventure in our life
but we are already missing Trisha, Caleb, Maggie,
Penelope, Miles, Pam, Simon, Victoria, Steve, and Kelsey.
It's pretty crazy that we dare move away from all of our
family. Good thing Brian, Jen, Jason, adn Alex are in
Grand Junction. Anyways, life is good and crazy, with Mitch
living in Grand Junction and Amelia, Missy, and I are going
back and forth between Vernal and Grand Junction. What a life!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Our Beautiful Amelia got blessed on Saturday!
She behaved so well. They said in the circle she
just sat there with her eyes wide open checkin out
everyone. She's such a blessing! We love her to death!

Amelia started smiling at 4 weeks, but we
hadn't tried to catch it on camera until now!
So here she is 1 month old :) Cute little thing!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Facebook :)

And her Very Best Friend and Cousin!

They are only 2 weeks apart and we intend

for them to spend A LOT of time together!

Well that's the update of the last 3 months.

I'll try not to wait so long to do the next


St. Patricks Party! I had to make sure

to make sure no one would pinch her :)

Valentines Day

New outfit :)

Isn't she just too cute?!

Mitch's new home :) haha he LOVES laying

like this with her and rubbing her feet!

This became my new home for the next

2 weeks! Thank goodness for a comfy couch!

For those of you that don't know, Mitch got

me a puppy for Christmas! Poor thing's very

deprived now! But we still love her to death!

Her name is Missy, She's a Shih Tzu! What a

handful though! ha

Our Cute little Amelia. Home at last!

Finally arriving home:)

Getting ready to go home! What a great day! I was very anxious to start being a Mom.

In the hospital it's all unreal still.

Mitch loved sleeping with her in the hospital.

We were both super tired because we didn't

get to bed until 1:30 am!

First Family Photo Shoot!

First Picture with Nana :) Wow what would

I have done without my Mom??!! DIED!

Mom helped me so much before and after labor!

Huge Thanks to Mom! Love You!

Poor Pam was still pregnant and had to

see the lovely "Post-Labor Kris" Not fun! ha

Auntie Trish :) They were her first visitors.

Thanks to Trish I had seen the process before

so I had something in mind of how it was supposed

to work out!

First picture with Daddy :) Mitch did

awesome helping me through labor and

delivery! Couldn't have asked for anything


Cleaning my Beautiful Amelia Karen Collett off.

I can't even explain what thoughts were

running through my mind at this time.

But I sure did love that little, greasy thing!

I got to the hospital and I was only a 4+

which totally depressed me! I just couldn't

believe I wasn't even in transition stage yet.

HA Little did I know what was to come! Labor went

pretty quickly. I checked in at 3:30pm and had Amelia

at 6:23. But HOLY COW! There is nothing easy about

having a baby! ha But it's definitely worth it :)

I had a pretty bad contraction and Mom said,

"Mitch is everything in the car and ready to go,

cause we're leaving after this contraction."

I could tell she was serious and it totally scared

me and I started crying! haha. We took a quick

snap shot before we ran out the door.

This is us laboring at home. I started having

not very consistant contractions at around 7

on Jan 25th. To try and help the process along

I ran on the treadmill for an hour until 1:00 am.

They were still inconsistant so we decided to go

to bed. That morning I woke up and my contractions

were about every 8 min or so. So I called mom and

she was on her way. Mitch went to work that day

but came home once my contractions were 5 min. apart.

This is after Pam and My Bridal Shower

In Vernal. It was so much fun and everyone

was so generous! We got AWESOME gifts!

Thanks to our Sisters and Mom for throwing

it for us. It was so much fun :)

Mom emails me and says "Your Facebook

status is still as pregnant", I was like wow

I didn't know that was even a status choice.

Then she sent me another email and said,

"I mean your blog." haha SO I decided to

update my "Facebook Status" today.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I forgot to mention that my Sister, Pam, is due
the exact same day as me! Ironic and crazy we
know, but it has been so much fun being pregnant
together. And huge thanks to Trish for being our
"Go-To-Girl" I think we would be a wreck if it weren't
for Trish and our Mom telling us all these crazy things
are normal! OH and we're both having girls (or so we
think) haha
Not the best picture but any picture of the three
of us is priceless! Love you Both!

LIFE as we know it!

OK so I realize it has been FOREVER since
I have udated my blog! My Mom informed me
(as usual) ha that I need to update it or there is
no use in having one. Very true! So I decided I'd
better update everyone on our life!

During my last post I had found out 5 days before
that I was pregnant! Obviously that is MUCH too
early to tell everyone and now it's a little late because
everyone knows. haha But I am pregnant and due on
February 1st with a girl, Amelia Karen Collett.

During the Summer/Fall we did so many fun things!

We went to the Brad Paisley Concert, Mitch

got me the tickets for our Anniversary! It was

so much fun, he was great live!

We also went to a Cowboys and Indians party.
Pam and Simon came with us! It was really fun!
We planted a garden and got so much from it!
But most of all we got HUGE pumpkins! They
were Mitch's Pride and Joy! He would come
home every day and check to see how much they
had all grown! We had Mitch's siblings and their
spouses over and we gave them all pumpkins
from the garden and we all carved them! It was
so fun!
The Finished Product! Also our new black door!
We also went on a cruise in October. We took
mine and Mitch's parents (I know that grammar is
wrong)! We went to Cabo SanLucas and Ensanada,
Mexico. It was so much fun and we were grateful
to be able to do it before the baby came!

Friday, June 11, 2010

NEW Hair and Room!

I finally broke down and dyed my
hair back to black! It has been so hard
trying to do brown! It's been going
weird tints of red so the other night
I finally just dyed it!
Mom and Dad came out the
other night and brought us all of this
awesome weight equiptment!They also brought us out the
bed! It has been a dream come true!!
Thanks Mom and Dad! LOVE YOU!
This is Mitch, Extrememly happy about
the gym in our basement! haha

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marathon Weekend!

This is Marathon Weekend!
Mom, Dad, Mike, Pam, Jacob, Izy, Steve,
Kelsey, Pam, Simon, Trish, Caleb, Maggie,
and Pennelope were all here that weekend!
Mom exchanging her water with Dad!
Mom did awesome! She took 4th in her
Mitch on his way to give me a kiss!
Every time we saw eachother he'd
give me a big sweaty one! ha
He also did awesome! Especially since
he didn't train at all!
My adorable Niece and Nephew playing
in my weeds! haha Adorable!

And just an awesome bird sitting outside
in my apple tree one morning while I was
taking a shower I saw it and ran to get
my camera! Isn't it beautiful! The Female
bird of this species is SOOO ugly though! :)